What’s On Around Perivale?

Autumn is a busy time around here, with plenty of free activities to take part in! Why not explore our beautiful local area over the next couple of weekends? Here’s a quick post with some ideas about what’s going on…

horsenden farm apple day.png

Perivale End Of Summer Parade and Fayre

This annual celebration takes place on the park area next to Perivale Community Centre. There is live music, food stands, craft sales and more: it’s a very family friendly event and free to attend.

It’s very near the Gruffalo Trail and Horsenden Hill’s many play areas, plus a “Hungry Horse” family pub/diner – so it’s possible to make a day out of this one for sure, with any age family.

It runs Sunday 16th September, 12.00-5.00pm, on the recreation ground next to Perivale Community Centre (Horsenden Lane South, just before the hill).

perivale fair

The Open Houses Of Hanwell

This year’s Open House Weekend features two local gems: Hanwell Community Centre and Three Bridges. Both in Hanwell, they are fascinating places for anyone with an interest in History.

The community centre was once a “Cuckoo School” – an early type of children’s home for young people whose families could not keep them. Charlie Chaplin stayed there long before he was famous, some say it inspired his poignant work ‘The Tramp’. According to many locals it is haunted!

The Three Bridges are just that – a bridge, over a bridge, over a bridge! Amazing to discover how Brunel made this happen long before many of the engineering technologies we use today.

Open House Weekend is the 22nd and 23rd September. Full events are listed on their website.


Apple Day

Long before Perivale became a hub of manufacturing in the 1920s and 1930s, it was famed for its orchards of apples and pears. Many people believe the place name ‘Perivale’ comes from the word ‘perry’, a type of cider.

In recent years a volunteer team at Horsenden Farm, located on the south side of the hill (the old farm buildings near the Gruffalo Trail and community centre) have been restoring and preserving some of the areas old agricultural activities.

Every year, Horsenden Hill now has an ‘apple day’, which showcases the work on the orchards with games, food, drink, music and dance. This is a great, local ‘grass roots’ celebration!

It runs at Horsenden Farm, on Saturday 29th September, 11.00am-4.00pm.

What other local events are you looking forward to?


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