Summer Break Over

I didn’t have a summer break – I had more of a work life balance fail around the time of the public exams. Hence the silence.

Now we are at the other end of the year from those bad boys, I’m hoping to post more regularly. We did get away over summer, to a great UK resort Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks in Devon. I booked in the dead of winter so I got a whole week in a silver apartment for about £500 total: this included self catering flat, use of pools across 4 holiday parks, free shows, free children’s clubs, soft plays, paddling pools, play areas and much more. Very useful when the heatwave broke with three days to go! I always try to book UK breaks in January or February when the weather is particularly grim, as you can usually get a fantastic deal.


Woolacombe view from woolacombe bay holiday park


We stayed at Golden Coast, the biggest of the 4 resorts. It’s centred around a large outdoor pool with a slide and surf/wave generator, and also has an indoor pool. We spent much of our time in these two, including a free water confidence lesson for the little one. This resort has a huge amount to do, meaning it is fantastic for families – her favourite part was the 3-floor soft play! They also have numerous child-friendly shows.

We also spent time at Woolacombe bay, the highlight of which is their indoor toddler pool: this boasts a splash park built around a pirate ship, which is incredible for rainy days.

Out and about we visited the local beaches, which really are all you need. Woolacombe itself is utterly vast and sandy, and well served with facilities – you can even use a shuttle bus from the park. If you want to pretend you’re somewhere tropical, Barricane Beach is made of broken, tropical shells and is smaller – it has a great cafe but no toilets … which can be irritating when a 3 year old tells you they are ‘bursting’ all of a sudden!


Barricane Beach

It was just as well I saved on the holiday though, as by the turn of the month some kind of curse hit our electrical goods and for various reasons we had to repair or replace the vacuum cleaner, washing machine and dishwasher. Oh, and the sofa (I was glad to: it was truly knackered). Fun times.

Well, at least now I can reorganise the living room around the new sofa and sit down on actual padding! How was your summer?


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