Beautiful Easter Gift Idea: Briege And Rose Bows

Briege and Rose Packaging Bows

What to gift at Easter, if not chocolate? Today I’m going to introduce you to a Briege And Rose, a brand which makes beautiful, handcrafted bows here in the UK. They make superb seasonal gifts, and this year I am really, really glad they have an Easter range…

“Mummeh. Mummeh? I am going to eat my dinner now and then we can have a chocolate biscuit yes? It will be after dinner then actually, I fink you find, yes?!”

It’s 8am. The Childe has decided she likes chocolate. After taking precisely no notice of it for three whole, blissfully kinder-free, years she’s decided it’s an ambrosia of the gods and, probably more important, cold hard currency with the other threenagers. It’s getting beyond a joke: even though her number one dessert of choice is still ice lollies (Mr Freeze naturally – she once kicked off when Mummeh did it wrong and bought her a luxury one!) she is definitely a convert. This makes Easter hard, when you know that she’s going to be getting lots, and lots, and lots of treats from all the extended family and don’t want to be rationing out  and concealing partially dismembered Easter bunnies until mid July. When you decide you won’t get chocolate eggs for her this year. So, what alternatives are there?

Aside from toys (soft = clutter, small = foot killers) I was looking for something useful, attractive and a bit special. And I wondered about a nice hair bow: Child has clouds of fluffy golden curls, which are about as at odds with her part-child-part-raptor demeanor as you can get. Daddeh has to wrestle back that hair and tame it every morning before her daily reign of destruction and world domination starts. Mummeh is weekend stylist: Mummeh has silly ideas about Elsa braids and neat buns, when everyone knows the cool kids have one very tight ponytail (on the side) and bows sticking out here there and everywhere. Not only cool, but more likely to survive the daily onslaught. Silly mummy.

Briege and Rose make exquisite, top quality hair accessories by hand: bows, hair bands, headbands and floral crowns. They come in a range of fabrics and finishes including glitter, felt and faux leather bows, and are sized from tiny infant head bands (check out Childe as a “baldy baby” in her own words!) to real show stopping floral crowns for older children. I’ve made several purchases over the years, and everything from their regular range to custom orders has come out just right. So, I decided to buy Childe a bow from their Easter range, which have delightful little bunnies on. Perfect!

They arrive packaged wonderfully in tissue and logo-sealed, so are even more ideal for gifting.

Briege Rose They come in a range of fabrics and finishes including glitter, felt and faux leather bows

You may, however, note from my Instagram and Facebook that the tissue is no more in our household, and the bow is already in the hair. Never fear, it was just a try-on and the bunnies are currently safe and sound. I’m going to pop the bows into some egg gift boxes from Hobbycraft come Easter, with some other little treats like crayons and bubbles.

What do you give at Easter? Chocolate or non-edibles? Let me know in the comments!

Briege and Rose Child Bow

NB: All purchases were made by myself with my own money. This is a genuine customer review.



1 thought on “Beautiful Easter Gift Idea: Briege And Rose Bows”

  1. They look so cute! I won’t be buying eggs this year. My monkey is only two and doesn’t know what Easter is yet. Last year my mum bought him some packets of seeds as he loves playing at gardening. I’ll probably get some more for him to plant this year as his Easter present, unless mum swoops in before me!

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