That time I didn’t need to be embarrassed by my child … but was.

Childe was role playing me at nursery. Role playing me by putting on ‘make up’ (paint) and a ‘beautiful dress’ (some sad rags which were once a Snow White costume) and then telling everyone she was “Goin’ to drink a glass of WINE in the res’runt wiv my FRENZ!”

My inner Daily Fail journo cringed at this representation of a selfish working mother drinking wine and plastering the slap on in front of her child.

Her teacher laughed at my cringe. Her take on it was it showed open communication and sensible social behaviour (I think that means drinking wine with ‘frenz’, not out of the bottle).

No newspapers aren’t watching me, of judging me, of course. But I’ve been reading them and I guess they’ve got inside my head – I’m watching myself through their eyes. Censoring myself. I am a bit more embarrassed about that. It’s not something I want to rub off on the Childe.

Photography is a love affair with life.




11 thoughts on “That time I didn’t need to be embarrassed by my child … but was.”

  1. This is adorable and so funny. As Mums we always feel guilty for everything! We shouldn’t. I am sure that if a friend was to tell you this story about their child, you would giggle and smile and wouldn’t think any less of her as a mother.

    Besides, it could be worse. When my eldest was 4 and I was teaching dance classes one evening a week, he told his teacher “Mummy goes out dancing at night for money” 😂🤭🤦🏻‍♀️

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