Let’s Start! But before that, Coffee…

You’ll have to excuse me if I’m a bit garbled, I’m short on a few hours sleep. Turns out when kids start ‘sleeping through’ its not a forever thing – also turns out they’re much harder to get back into bed when they can walk, think and sing Disney theme tunes at 3am.

So, to give a bit of background on this blog. I’m a bad person who neglected and then abandoned her old, crunchy personal blog after it faithfully served her as a creative outlet, offering so many opportunities and building a small-but-loyal readership. So yeah, I’m starting with a new one and a good dose of guilt about it. But I had nothing to feed it with anymore. The fact is, I no longer spend every weekend at vintage and antique fairs, wearing one-offs and irreplaceable outfits, followed by reviews of cocktail bars and parties.

Well that was a downer to type.

Instead, I spend my weekends rummaging out bargains for quick family meals, eating at establishments where they won’t be shocked if I whip out some crayons and stickers at the table whilst locked in the forced grin of ‘remember our table manners darling’ and wearing what is most definitely more second hand than vintage. But it’s not as grim as it sounds and we are perfectly positioned to enjoy life in London, Ealing and out towards the countryside of the Chilterns (and beyond). I also sometimes go out on my own and wear nice things (don’t tell the perfect mum club).

I still have a particular interest in vintage and handmade items, make-up and fashion – so as well as lifestyle, I hope to include how my style matches my life. There will also be a big focus on food, both in and out – and of course shopping. So if you are reading this and you prefer your fur-babies to little human poo factories, there will still be moments of sanity!

So this blog might seem eclectic to some, but for many of us I hope it will reflect the realities of life with multiple roles and responsibilities, mixing high-end with pound shop, parenting with work and what the Childe calls “MY OWN SELF”, city with nature and coffee with everything.

My Random Musings



5 thoughts on “Let’s Start! But before that, Coffee…”

  1. I love how you write with humour and a self-deprecating air. I share your love of all things vintage and eclectic is one of my favourite words. Look forward to reading more and there are no perfect mums and those who claim to be are the ones we really need to worry about.


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